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UF Membrane Outdoor Filter -
Outdoor Filter - UF MEMBRANE
Purify your water with our outdoor water filter systems that are ideal for household, restaurant, commercial and industries use.
Warranty : 10 Years for Body Casing
  • High quality casing SUS 304 Stainless Steel body.
  • High Flow Rate, Support Large Usage
  • Water Purity Up To 99.99%
  • Filtration Density Of 0.01 Micron
  • Cleanest Outdoor Filtration
  • Hassle Free Self Maintenance 
  • Easy operation and Convenience to all user
  • Made in USA, Approved by NSF
  • For Skin Care And Healthcare

Polysulfone membrane exhibit a wide pH tolerance, high temperature limit good oxidant resistance.

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Ultra Membrane Filtration
UF Membrane Filter -
Water World Ultra Membrane is based on Polysulfone (PS) material with one of  the highest membrane packing densitiles per cartridge available in the market.
Polysulfone material that comes with surface pore size of 3000 times smaller than diameter of human hair.
Polysulfone membrane is able to withstand high pressure, high temperature and wide pH range tolerance without any fibre breakage.
The membrane can effectively reduce the turbidity of raw water, removes suspended solids ,colloids, microorganisms and other substances, and it's characterized by high adaptability to varieties of raw water quality, easy operation and maintenance, and can produce water with stable and reliable quality.
Membrane Material : Super Polysulfone Membrane
Casing : Stainless Steel SUS 304
Membrane Pore Size : 0.01 Micron
Flow Rate : 3,500 liter/Hr
Connector : 3/4" (Water Inlet & Outlet )
Column Dimension : 5" x 40" inch
Max Working Pressure : 5 bar / 72.5 psi
Backwash System : Auto or Manual Flush
Warranty : 10 Years ( On Casing only ), 1 Year warranty on membrane module.
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